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A U T O M A T E   Y O U R   B U S I N E S S

Aphid is a sales and support solution which clients can customize according to their business and marketing needs. Fueled by real-time analytics, our solution provides more engagement and interactivity for your business and consumers while requiring fewer resources. Using Aphid for businesses directly minimizes individual costs while focusing on increasing your “hard ROI.”

A Solution for Today's Evolving Digital World

1 in 10 retail transcations occur online (Statista) and that number is growing steadily. Consumers are more demanding than ever, and finding what they're looking for in quick and easy way is what matters most.

Key Benefits

Aphid's sales and support solution integrates with a business's static website to boost customer retention, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and increase company sales.

24/7/365 Support

Condense staff while reducing your manual labor by automating your sales and support workflows with our automated agent.

Reduce Operational Costs

Optimize your business by reducing cart abandonment rates and human error while gaining valuable customer feedback from our targeted micro surveys.

Increase Sales

Engage and retain customers with an interactive chatbot agent. Use intimate and personalized communication to make recommendations and upsells.

Business Use Cases


Accelerating the shopping experience by connecting dispensaries to customers with AI

Retail & Consumer Goods

Grow your e-commerce presence, including sales and retargeting

Small Business

Greet your customers and offer a chatbot to support your products and services

Transform Your Online Experience

Join our pilot program complete with white-glove support. Start seeing results immediately.

We feel like using the chat-bot function will increase our sales and productivity by not having to respond physically to questions and focus on making our hats an unforgettable experience for the consumer.


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